• Results prior to service launch

Below is the actual performance of my own portfolio during about the first 3.5 months of using this powerful new investing methodology. It was not the best 3.5 months but the very first few months of using the technique in 2011 and early 2012. The only new methodology we tested in any account. Right before developing and launching this site.

As you can see, the annualized return was nearly 170% in my own portfolio with much less time spent than when using my successful Tradetobefree.com trading methodology. A slightly shorter time-frame shows even greater annualized returns.

Actual performance during the first few months of using this technique from
October 24th, 2011 to February 14th, 2012.


This is not performance based on back-testing. This is a small personal account used to prove the techniques. So slippage, commissions, etc.. are included. These are actual results in an IRA account. It made an enormous return for such a short period of time. And beat the market by a very wide margin. And should continue to do so in the long-term.

Why do I say that? Because the proprietary screening tool used was setup with proven parameters to pick the best stocks for the coming weeks. Those who have made fortunes in growth stocks learned how to invest in stocks by screening carefully for similar growth stock characteristics. These investing techniques have been used by top traders and growth stock investors for decades.

With our powerful stock-picking methodology, we combine that best-of-breed growth stock investing strategy with another little-known fundamental parameter to skyrocket your investing profits. Even stock investing techniques developed by IBD and Zacks can not beat the back-tested results of this new stock investing methodology over the past five years. Here is the back-tested results going back around five years to the beginning of 2007.

Back-tested results. Commission, fees and slippage are not included on this one.

Amazing results during a time period that included the financial crisis. A time period where the S&P 500 actually lost money.

After screening, we apply highly effective technical analysis techniques to weed out likely losers. And apply market timing strategies used in our Tradetobefree.com newsletters. Which produced the results shown in the first chart above. Which actually beat the back-tested results over the same time-period because of our expertise in market timing and technical analysis on individual stocks to weed out obvious losing picks.

I went bearish just before the nasty corrections in 2007, 2008, and 2009 in the Tradetobefree.com Weekly and Daily Alert newsletters using my market timing strategies. And the “Flash Crash” in 2010.

In the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter, we keep you safely in cash when these market timing techniques are pointing to a large correction. And we skip stocks with bearish technicals. Boosting returns even more. As we proved with an actual trading account shown in the first chart above. This is the strategy you want to use for your own risk capital.