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Hi, I’m Brian Neall. Founder of TradeToBeFree.com and InvestToBeFree.com. More than ten years ago I was fed up with the lack-luster returns produced by fund managers in my own portfolio. So I decided to do something about it and studied many of the investing legends that had produced incredible wealth for themselves and others. Ben Zacks, William O’Neil, Peter Lynch, Jim Cramer and many others delivered the foundation I needed to get started. At the same time, I studied best-of-breed technical analysis techniques used by top traders in the world. In early 2003 I developed my own trading rules and stock picking techniques built on the teachings of many of the greatest investors and traders in history.

After achieving tremendous gains in my own portfolio, I decided to bring my methodology to all investors and traders. TradeToBeFree.com was launched in late 2004 and the Weekly Alert service was started in December of that year. The first month, 16 of the 17 stocks featured in the Weekly Alert were winners and many of them went on to make 50% to 100% gains within a few months. Tens of thousands of investors purchased my alert service and/or book since. And those alerts continue to pick big winners to this day.

Many of my customers have written me to tell me that their life had changed dramatically for the better since subscribing to my alert services. In many cases, they now have the joy and peace of mind knowing they can live where they went, have more free time or just have the confidence that they will reach their long-term financial goals. By using a proven strategy to grow their risk capital quickly. (results vary. See earnings disclaimer)

While many customers have been successful, some subscribers found the technical analysis required for the trading method a bit daunting. And a little too time-consuming. By late 2011, I developed another methodology based on the principles taught on TradeToBeFree.com. One that required fewer trades, fewer stocks held longer and just basic technical analysis skills. I dedicated one of my accounts to this new strategy in late October 2011. And was amazed to see the account grow at nearly a 200% annualized rate in about 3 months (results vary). A period where the overall market was up just a few percent. Shortly thereafter, I brought this technique to loyal customers of TradeToBeFree.com and introduced it to the general public.

I’m a proud alumni of the University of Illinois. Graduating with honors with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering in 1993. I currently live on my favorite golf course here in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

Hope you enjoy this new site and strategy for growing your wealth. You can take advantage of our free training videos, check our latest performance and subscribe if you want an expert to do the work for you in finding the top 3 stocks each week. I am confident it will help you achieve the wealth building returns you are looking for with your risk capital.