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We publish the 3 Stocks to Wealth Service weekly on Monday evening. You will have 0 to 3 trades to make to adjust your portfolio to ensure that you have the 3 stocks that I believe are most likely to move higher over the next week using this methodology. You then login to your online broker and make the trades. Its that simple. It will take just a few minutes per week so you can spend more time on more important things in life. Links to earnings release dates, the latest news and a dynamic chart are provided for those interested in looking at that information.

Yes. I have been personally using this strategy for years in my own accounts along with similar strategies in the Tradetobefree.com Weeky Alert and Daily Alert service with a lot of success. Back-testing without applying technical analysis shows that you would have quadrupled your money from the beginning of 2007 to mid-March of 2012. $10,000 would have turned into more than $40,000 (before commission, fees and slippage). A period where the S&P 500 lost value. We dedicated one of our personal accounts to this new stock investing strategy and beat the back-tested results in the first few months of applying it before we developed and launched this site. By utilizing our technical analysis expertise to weed out losers and our market analysis techniques to be more in cash during market pullbacks.

Normally, the lower the price of the stock, the less likely it is to make a big move higher. Very few of the big winners in market history started off less than $10 when they went public. However, some penny stocks (stocks under $5) are displaying the characteristics and price behavior that precede big moves higher. And we have those in the premium 3 Stocks to Wealth service as well if they exhibit the right fundamental and technical characteristics. The actual price of the stock really does not matter. Many $20 and $40 stocks make enormous moves higher and are more likely to do so. Penny stocks almost always stay penny stocks and we do not focus on them per se.

On a weekly basis on Monday evenings.

The Better Business Bureau Online. I am a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and have passed their strict membership qualifications.  Both sites have an A+ rating due to the low number of complaints versus the annual order volume.  My other site, Tradetobefree.com, has been in business since November 2004 and both sites will be around for the long-term. The BBB online program is a service for consumers to verify that we comply with the bureaus strict ethical business practice guidelines and resolve any consumer complaints filed with the bureau in a timely fashion. You can verify our membership by clicking the logo above or go to https://www.bbb.org/online/consumer/default.aspx. And search on Tradetobefree.com. Both companies are listed under tradetobefree.com.

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